Cooking with what you've got is about pantry staples. I designed this plan when COVID first hit and people were preparing for lockdown. I saw a man fill his cart with noodles and spaghetti sauce and thought, “Oh boy, that guy is going to be really sick of spaghetti!” Then I talked to another friend who said that she bought rice and beans because she didn’t know what else to do, but was not excited about them and not sure how to turn them into something that she would actually like!

Realizing that our supply chains are uncertain, and we are still experiencing some food shortages in stores, but local and fresh veggies are available, I worked with fresh veggies that will last a long time in your fridge and added options for frozen items that you can buy that will last. Combine them with those staples that you already have on hand. I will teach you many ways to make one recipe and how to be flexible and pivot with your meal making!


Cook simple, flexible recipes

I’ll teach you how to prep ingredients for multiple meals at the same time and how to repurpose ingredients to make brand new meals, ultimately saving you time and money. Cook once, eat twice!

Build a better pantry

I’ll help you create a healthier pantry by pointing out top items you think are healthy, but aren't. And I'll teach you to identify "Good, Better, Best" options, just by reading labels to help you shop healthier!

Experiment with ingredients on hand

Noodles can make Italian dishes or Asian dishes, rice can make Asian dishes or Mexican dishes, chicken can be an entree, salad or soup! It’s all in the technique and spices! I’ll teach you how to make many different meals using the same main ingredients!

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Hi, I’m Anna Klimmek.

I'm passionate about helping people regain their focus and energy through cooking the right foods for their bodies. And I want to help you have fun in the kitchen!

As a certified integrative health coach and chef with over 15 years experience, I take an innovative approach to health. Though we talk about cooking, it is our gateway into a greater conversation about health. When speaking about food and health I look at lifestyle and behaviors that create a healthy or unhealthy lifestyle. I approach these barriers to health in a non judgmental format removing guilt and giving simple solutions to common problems.