Food for Focus is the first in our class series focused on taking a holistic approach to productivity. In this class, you will learn how to support the brain for mental clarity. We explore what and when to eat to keep you thinking clearly, how adaptogens can further your ability to focus and sustain energy, and how balancing your blood sugar keeps you productive all day long.


What to Eat for Focus and Productivity

Learn more about the connection between food, lifestyle and how you feel. Discover how healthy fats and other foods support brain health. We will explore the world of adaptogens and how they can improve focus. 

Simple Brain-boosting Recipes

I will show you how to cook six simple, healthy recipes that boost the brain. From a smoothie and latte for morning energy to healthy salads and salmon dinners for sustained focus—these recipes can be made in the smallest of kitchens by the most novice of cooks! 

Mindfulness practices

We’ll explore mindfulness techniques that calm and clear the mind so you can be your most productive self. I will show you how to incorporate mindfulness into your day from meditation to breathwork to how a simple centering ritual before you work can keep you on task and in the moment.

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Hi, I’m Anna Klimmek.

I'm passionate about helping people regain their focus and energy through cooking the right foods for their bodies. And I want to help you have fun in the kitchen!

After training as a chef in the Culinary Program at Le Cordon Bleu, I spent 15 years in catering, deli, and as a personal chef cooking for busy families. As a Health Coach I have a unique perspective on the needs of the average person who is looking to be healthy but is crunched for time. I help you work with your body in a way that fits into your life, because we all know if it's not easy, you won't do it and then it does us no good!