Happy Food MN is a food and wellness education company that brings wellness to the table by teaching people how to eat for their bodies in a way that works for their lives. We work with businesses and individuals to create lifestyles that promote overall well-being and productivity! We focus on foods that fuel the body so that it can work to its optimum potential creating a boost in productivity, health and overall happiness. 

A Holistic Approach

At Happy Food MN we take a holistic approach recognizing that mind, body, spirit, lifestyle, nutrition, physical activity, productivity, family, and purpose all play a part in getting you to your healthiest self.

It is our goal to teach you how your choices can influence how you feel and offer ways to trust your body. Learn to work with your body, not against it!  

Hi, I’m Anna Klimmek!

I'm a trained chef and certified Health Coach and the founder of Happy Food MN.

I received my training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Le Cordon Bleu Training. Combining more than one hundred dietary theories and a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods, I’ve crafted these personalized workshops to help you achieve your health goals.

In addition to our focus on food and cooking, we also recognize that all things are interconnected and take a holistic approach to eating, cooking, and lifestyle to teach you how they all play into each other.

Photo of Anna Kli

In these classes, you will learn simple techniques that you can easily add into your life to help you cook more, eat well, sleep better, improve focus, create longevity and build overall life positivity.


Simple cooking and lifestyle techniques that you can start doing right away.

Ingredients you can easily find plus some new ingredients that may challenge you.

Grocery Store Cheats that make it easy to get healthy meals on the table.

Realistic, actionable advice—we understand that you need simple steps to bring change to your life.

Curriculum designed to meet you where you are.

A judgment free zone—we are all just people here doing the best that we can!